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Backyard Sports is Born!

Dear friends in sport,


I am very proud to announce that we have just launched a new sports media platform called Backyard Sports www.backyardsports.ca

Backyard Sports is a free media platform designed to share our community’s sport stories; the stories coming out of our own backyard! These stories have been disappearing little by little over the years, largely due to the Daily News and then the Chronicle Herald succumbing to the economic realities of a changing print industry. The digital age has made the world a smaller place but to make room for the stories of the sporting world we have pushed out the stories from our sporting backyard.  So…we’ve created Backyard Sports which will not only have quality journalists writing stories on the inspiring athletes, coaches and team builders from our region, it will also act as platform to hear directly from our athletes themselves, telling us their stories, in their own words.

We will also have features designed to give the entire sporting community in Nova Scotia a chance to share fresh, new stories.  “Faces in the Crowd” will be a weekly feature highlighting young athletes doing fantastic things both in sport and in the community.  The “Triple Threat Club” will showcase amazing young athletes who have embraced a multi-sport approach and are thriving in 3 or more sports.  We want you to send us these stories and let us profile all of the amazing men and women, boys and girls, embracing sport and its lessons, as they contribute to our community!

My dream for Backyard Sports is that it becomes a community all of its own.  A place for those who love sport to unite in a shared goal of profiling the best and brightest amongst us and thus Inspiring our youth to embrace the positive benefits ofsport.  To get all of us, young and old, off the couch and into the game of life. To teach our kids the necessity of practice and training to achieve success. To value competition because they won’t get a participation medal after their first job interview and most importantly to know the joy that comes from knowing they gave 100% effort.

If you share this dream I encourage you to subscribe to Backyard Sports and share with your new community your stories and your thoughts.  We will email stories to our members as they are released and together we can shine the spotlight back on our own backyard.

Check us out on the following platforms:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/BackyardsportNS

Twitter: @BackyardSportNS

Instagram: @BackyardSportNS





Derek Martin


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