Q: Where and when does the tournament take place?

A: The 2020 Summer Classic is for ages U9 - U15. It will take place Saturday and Sundays, September 19-20 at the Waterfront Theatre located in Salters Parking Lot, 1521 Lower Water Street.

Q: How many players are allowed on a team? 

A: Teams will be made up of four players. All players will be in the field of play for the entire duration of the game. There will be no substitute. This format of play allows us to operate within the NS Healthy Authority and Sport NS guidelines. 


Q: What if one of my players gets injured and cannot continue?

A: If a player is injured during a game, the team will be required to finish the game short one player. You will be permitted to call on an one Emergency Substitute at no additional cost to join the team for any remaining games of the tournament but that player must complete the Liability Waiver and COVID-19 safety check before the first game they will play in. If another player gets injured, the team must complete the remainder of the tournament short handed.  

Q: What is the Emergency Substitute? 

A: The Emergency Sub is a player who the team can call on to join them in future games if one of their original players is injured and cannot continue. There is no cost for this additional person. This player must be a similar skill-level to the other players on the team and within the same age group. 


Q: How will registration work?

A: Filling out our registration application, you will be asked to choose your division, skill level, and provide secure credit card information at the time of application. Due to tournament format and our efforts to conduct the safest tournament possible, there will be a four team cap per division.You will be added to a queue until a successive tournament-friendly multiple becomes available. Your payment will not be processed until a spot opens up within your division. If a spot opens up, you will receive confirmation of payment and receipt via email, officially registering your team for Summer Classic!

Q: Can I register as an individual?

A: Registration will only be open to teams. Summer Classic will reach out to you for your roster prior to the event.

Q: How do I know which group my team will play in?

A: Divisions are based on Hockey NS divisions.


Q: How do I know which level my team will play in?

A: This year, we are offering Competitive, Recreational, and Female divisions. While this choice is at the discretion of the team registering, Summer Classic reserves the right to monitor these divisions before and during the tournament, as well as the right to disqualify any teams who purposefully disregard the skill guidelines beyond reason.


Q: What are the costs?

A: It is $280 for a team to register and can be paid with credit card at the time of registration. This is the cost for four players (including goalie).


Q: Can I register a co-ed team?

A: Yes, co-ed teams are able to register in all divisions, with the exception of the Female Only division. Co-ed teams will compete in the same tournament as male only and female only teams competitive and recreation teams.


Q: Can an all female team play in a male and co-ed division?

A: Yes, all female teams can play in competitive, recreation or female only. 

Q: What is the registration deadline?

A: If space is still available, registration will remain open until Monday, September 14th at midnight.


Q: Are we able to cancel our team after we have registered?

A: Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer refunds after registration is confirmed. If a player can no longer make it, you may substitute another player in after providing a completed player waiver to the tournament organizers. Once tournament play has begun, additional players cannot be added to the roster. 

Q: Are teams required to check in on the first day of the tournament?  

A: Teams are not required to check in when they arrive. They can head straight to the rink where they will be playing and the ref will check them in during warm-up. Teams will be asked to complete a COVID-19 check list and liability waiver prior to the competition.

Q: How many games will each team play at the tournament?

A: Each team is guaranteed three round robin games on Saturday and at least one playoff game on Sunday.

Q: How long is each game?

A: The U9 division will have games that are 15 minutes of play. U11-U15 divisions will run for 20 minutes of non-stop play, with a 5 minute warm-up prior to face off.

Q: How big are the rinks?

A: The rinks are 70' x 40'.  

Q: Can I request certain game times?

A: Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate specific game requests. We will do our best to schedule all games within a 4 hour time frame. 

Q: As a parent or friend of a player, am I able to come watch?

A: Due to capacity restrictions during COVID-19, we are only allowing players and coaches within the rinked area. Fans and companions watch from outside of the fenced rink area. 

Q: Do players need to wear a mask?
A: Players are not required to wear a mask but may do-so at their discretion. They must wear helmets.

Q: If I do not have goalie gear, am I able to rent some? 

A: To reduce the opportunity for a COVID-19 virus to spread, we will not be renting out goalie gear. 

Please contact with any questions!