Our Expertise

Event Production

No matter how big or small your event; our expertise, contacts and proven processes can help.


S|E|A is the leading production company for world-class sports and entertainment events in Atlantic Canada.


Whether it is trucking 3,000 tonnes of sand into a downtown parking lot for a World Beach Volleyball Championship or ferrying thousands of music fans to a concert on an island in the middle of Halifax Harbour; S|E|A will find a way to identify and bring together the multiple partners needed for a successful large scale event and ensure everyone accomplishes their goals.


S|E|A is continually looking to bring the best opportunities to Atlantic Canada for our partners, sponsors and fans of sport and more.


Elevate your brand in an effective and measurable way. Partner with one of our events and ensure that your brand does not get lost in the clutter of today’s competitive sponsorship marketplace.


Providing comprehensive sponsorship services, S|E|A will not only assess, evaluate and energize your existing sponsorship strategy, we can also provide the expertise that comes from years of hands-on experience in managing your sponsorship program.

From evaluating the plethora of sponsorship proposals that come across your desk to negotiating, activating and evaluating, we will ensure your sponsorships ‘fit’ your strategic marketing objectives and maximize your brand’s ROI.


The S|E|A team is made up of the leading professionals in all areas around events. At S|E|A we know Events, we know Sponsorship, and we know how to create a positive memorable experience. Book a consult with us and we can help you take your initiative to the next level.

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