Our Story

Derek Martin was a former quarterback for the St. Francis Xavier X-Men and a kinesiology graduate with a firm belief that if you put in the hours, you will be successful. He’s proven to do just that.


In 2007, Martin was approached by the Waterfront Development Corporation Limited and asked to assist with the Tall Ships Festival in Halifax that summer. This request brought to light an opportunity in the Nova Scotian market for a full-service sport and entertainment event management, sponsorship and promotion company. Thus, Sports & Entertainment Atlantic was born.

S|E|A was quickly recognized as the lead event company for the Atlantic Sponsorship Forum, Touchdown Atlantic, and the FIVB Junior World Beach Volleyball Championship. In it’s first eight years, S|E|A has planned and delivered some of the biggest and best events Atlantic Canada has ever seen. S|E|A hosted the SandJam Canadian National Beach Volleyball Championships, arranging for truckloads of sand to be delivered to the Halifax waterfront to make a sand court and at the end of a successful weekend, Martin was asked if he’d be willing to do it again the following year, making Halifax the first city to host the tournament in consecutives years. The 2015 CIS University Cup Men’s Hockey National Championships, where Halifax set a record attendance numbers. Each event created an atmosphere that the community wanted to be a part of and people from away would travel to experience.


In 2017, the City of Halifax accepted S|E|A’s proposal to restore the historic Wanders Grounds into an iconic pop-up stadium in downtown Halifax. The natural grass field will host events for 6,000 fans, delivering national and international sporting events in the downtown core.

Blending over 50 years of event experience with in-depth planning and partnership expertise S|E|A has created exceptional events and delivering memorable fan, athlete, participant, sponsor and volunteer experiences within Atlantic Canada. It’s propelled the company to grow into a reputable business and found ongoing relationships with partners. 

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